Various functions and formulas can be used in order to make our work easier.

Split: The split button splits the screen into multiple sections, you can scroll each section separately.

Freeze panes: If you have headings in your columns like a header row, then you might want those to remain on screen while you move down the sheet. To do that you need to use Freeze Panes.

Entering data in workbook: Note that if you press Enter after typing data into a cell, the next cell is the one directly below, but if we press Tab after entering data in a cell, it selects the next cell along in the row as the active cell.

Adding a column between two columns: Simply select the right-hand of those two columns, then right-click and choose Insert to put another column to the left of the selected column.

Autofill Technique: We can use the autofill technique to directly fill the cells based on a particular pattern as shown below.

The AutoSum function in Excel gives a shortcut to calculate Sum, Average, Count, Maximum, Minimum, etc.

Error in function:

Although frustrating, formula errors are useful, because they tell you clearly that something is wrong. This is much better than not knowing.

Various errors are:

#DIV/0!, #NAME?, #N/A, #NUM, #VALUE!, #REF!, #NULL, ####, #SPILL!, #CALC!

Various functions and errors are covered in this article which form the basics of Excel.

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