Data manipulation in Python is nearly synonymous with Numpy array manipulation, even newer tools like Pandas are built around the Numpy array. This section will present several examples using Numpy and manipulation to access data and subarrays, and to split, reshape and join arrays.

Let’s start by defining three random arrays: a one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three dimensional array. We’ll use Numpy’s random number generator, which we will seed with a set value in order to ensure that the same random arrays are generated each time this code is run.

In order to go through the Introduction of Numpy follow the…

Datasets can come from wide range of sources and wide range of formats, including collections of documents, collection of images, collection of sound clips or nearly anything else.

For example, Images can be thought of as simply 2 — dimensional arrays of numbers. Sound clips can be thought of as 1 — dimensional arrays of intensity versus time. No matter what the data is, the first step in making it analyzable will be to transform them into arrays of numbers.

In some ways, Numpy arrays are like Python’s built in list type, but Numpy arrays provide much more efficient storage…

Five Traits of good Data:

Accuracy, completeness, Reliability, Relevance and Timeliness. A Data Analyst must clean the dataset by removing duplicates, correcting formatting errors and removing blank rows.

Removing duplicated or inaccurate data and empty rows:

Its very common when collecting or importing data, whether through normal or automated processes to get errors and inconsistencies in your data. This can be as simple as spelling mistakes, extra white spaces or wrong case used in text, to empty rows or missing values in your data, to inaccurate or duplicated data. Having these errors and inconsistencies in your data can lead to…

Various functions and formulas can be used in order to make our work easier.

Split: The split button splits the screen into multiple sections, you can scroll each section separately.

Freeze panes: If you have headings in your columns like a header row, then you might want those to remain on screen while you move down the sheet. To do that you need to use Freeze Panes.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used tools in any industry. While some enjoy playing with pivotal tables and histograms, others limit themselves to simple pie-charts and conditional formatting.

Once we write correct formula, we can expect automatic calculations. Excel helps to organize and easily access data. It helps to format, filter and sort data of table. We can edit, undo or use error-checking tools to help remedy those mistakes. We can analyze data and create charts, graphs and reports to help visualize our data analysis.

The most common business uses for spreadsheet applications include the following:


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